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Name: Anton Jaroslav Lucian

Employer: Novatec EU Ltd.

Position: Senior sales manager

Contact: anton@novatecwheels.eu

Novatec guide (shortly N guide) is an user-friendly guide in Novatec world putting a lot of useful content under one roof.

I've decided to make this website in order to provide you with an interesting source of information related to Novatec products, which would allow everyone to access it and find the answers to your questions here.

It is a tool improving my work efficiency and allowing me to share my knowledge with as many people as possible, therefore I hope its visitors will appreciate it and benefit from it.   

Being employed with Novatec EU company for over 5 years gives me a pretty clear idea about what people want to know about these products and what kind of inquiries they may have. I'm dealing directly with all service emails addressed to Novatec EU so thanks to my job, where my purpose is helping people to better understand Novatec products and all the issues related to it, I can provide you with a lot of useful advice. I've gathered experience from many cases I've been through so far so I believe that you'll find my knowledge put into this website useful and helpful.

Many questions from you guys are repeating over and over again, they keep coming from all over the world, so having a place where I can answer and explain them once for everyone is just great.
That's how FAQ section was made, from your frequently asked questions, either technical or business related. Working as sales manager I gained very good knowledge of business matters too, so answering questions from this field is no problem either.

Section dedicated to hubs and wheels is there to give you as much info about those products as possible. Moreover, there is Five Star rating available so you can tell Novatec staff and all visitors how much you like/dislike the products.
Not only that, you can also write a short review about Novatec products so everyone gets a valuable feedback from you. All that only because your opinion matters and helps others to get a better idea about Novatec stuff.

What about Forum guys, what do you think about it? I believe it will help you to find solutions to your problems, to discuss Novatec matters with other fellow cyclists and come with good advice and support for each other. That's the goal of Forum section, to discuss and sort things out among Novatec friends. I hope it will serve the purpose properly.

Please note that this website is my personal project so Novatec company has no responsibility or commitments towards anyone following the content and advice mentioned on these pages.
This website with all its information is to be used wisely and on your own responsibility. I can assure you that my intention is helping you with my knowledge and experience and also making you familiar with Novatec products as much as possible. If unsure about some details listed here please double-check it with official Novatec website or with official Novatec catalogues.

Please feel free to get in touch if you want me to add some other topics not being covered in FAQ yet or if you have some good ideas on how to improve this website for you. I'm open to new suggestions and positive criticism. Any kind of support from you (likes, testimonials, spreading the word etc.) is more than welcome.
Thank you for visiting this site and apologies for any imperfections in web content, images, documents and grammar. It's important for me to give you straight and brief information, not to feed you with nonsense.

All the best, Anton.

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