Bearings issue

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Bearings issue

poor sealing on my Jetfly wheels, after few miles need replacement, very frustrating, do something about it. wheels are ok but not happy about hubs.

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hi. do you keep your hubs

hi. do you keep your hubs well maintained? Do you clean and lub them on regular basis? If not, you should as that prolongs significantly the lifespan of your hubs/bearings.

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they use some s_hit china

they use some s_hit china bearings so lub is no help, Don't buy that rubbish guys !!!!!!!!!!! low quality wheels from novatec, go get DT for good riding and high quality.

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Hey there; yeah I agree,

Hey there; yeah I agree, Novatec's biggest issue is poor quality of bearings; other than that they make quite good wheels and hubs. Also getting service parts is painful, it's complicated to figure out what is compatible with what, at least for me...