I personally think this N-Guide website/project with all its sub-chapters, although not perfect, - it’s an incredible super-ultra-mega useful tool that brings huge value to Novatec as a brand, and perfect information to both end-users or companies. A brand is only as good as it’s: quality of Products, quality of Services & Information provided. In our digital century- Information is the most important resource. N-Guide opens ‘up a world of Novatec information to anybody willing to access-it. N-Guide is exactly what’s needed to fully enjoy, service, use & appreciate to-the-max any Novatec products. Congratulations to N-Guide & it’s maker ! Keep’up the super work !

Leon Selegianu, Purchase Director to DHS Group & DEVRON brand Frame designer & BOM’s maker

Congratulations for this website. I think that this content is very useful. I encourage you to include more info to help Novatec users.

David, CEO, Velozer Wheels SL

Very good website, I like it so much and I find it very useful. Thank you.

Ian Smith, product manager, Bike Ltd.

If you like this website, please feel free to write a short testimonial here. Your effort will be highly appriciated. It is a special way how to say thanks for all my hard work put into this site. Looking forward to your messages.

Anton Lucian, senior sales manager, Novatec EU

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